Re: Sending Attachments with Outlook 2007

Monte Single

How you b, Mike?


I am using outlook 2013,  but I think this  will   work for your friend.


Say I have a file I want to attach and it is in my documents folder.

---I open the documents folder,

---select the file you want to send,

---use the context key, or shift f10,

---press n for the “send to   submenu

---press  m for email.


The email message will open with the file attached.  The cursor will be  in the “to” field.  Enter the address desired and so on.














‘ submenu,



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Hi All,


Would someone please give me steps on how to send an attachment using Outlook 2007, Jaws & Windows 10?  The easier the better.  The person I'm trying to help has never used Outlook and neither have I.  Thank you very much.

Take care.  Mike.  Sennt from my iBarstool.

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