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I think Heather is asking why she can't use Eloquence from Jaws with NVDA (given the thread is about NVDA 2019.3?)

If that is the question, the reason is because of the license Jaws is distributed with.  Eloquence is only licensed for use with Jaws.

In that respect, it's much like saying, I have a copy of MIcrosoft Office, why can't I use the spell check feature from Word in Libre Office writer?  Aside from any technical limitations, I'm pretty sure Microsoft's license for Office wouldn't allow it.

If you definitely want Eloquence, you can get a license for it for NVDA from Code Factory:

We have added Rate Boost for Windows OneCore voices (included in Windows 10) so it is worth trying those if you have Windows 10.  The OneCore voices are about the most natural I've heard.  There are also paid synthesizers you can buy, as well as Eloquence:

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I'm not sure what you are asking.  JAWS has Eloquence as one of its bumdled synthesizers.  You are using the same synthesizer with JAWS.  FS has made modifications that change the sound a bit, it is less harsh on the high end and they have adopted the inexcusable practice of not having the bundled Eloquence pause at periods, but its still using Eloquence.
I'm not sure what paid program you are referring to.  If you purchased the SAPI 5 Eloquence, you could use it with JAWS, because JAWS supports SAPI 5 synthesizers.  SAPI 5 is a Microsoft API, application program interface, that allows synthesizers equipped with it to work with programs that support SAPI5.
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I have a paid version of jaws, why cant I use that synthesizer that is using eloquence? Is it the same thing? Thank you,



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below is info on new NVDA


Most of the add-ons are available and updated from:
The page at lists the status of many of the add-ons.
If you are using some of the commercial synthesizers etc, they are available from their download pages from


here is the link to download remote 2.3
compatible with NVDA 19.3


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