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heather albright

I did google info woe. Afterall  that is how I found the device and was able to get my insureance to get it for me. So I called today to see about that braille manual and than I asked about why they did not bother to label the serial number on the unit and this is an exact quote:

“I don’t know why they did not label with braille Heather!”  SO there’s the answer! They do not care! They did not say, Oh that is a good idea, I will mention it for future orders or, well, that is a good point, maybe we can start for future orders etc.  

 So for all those who want a number to logan tec:

(866) 962-0966. Do not bother e-mailing, think the e-mail thing is broke; I have been e-mailing for a while and it always took me to a 404 page. You do better calling to get answers.

 For anyone who has a documented medical need, independent living aids and  mobility and seating just two companies that accept prescriptions to obtain this device! I am sure there are others but, these are the two I came across off hand. My primary doctor did my prescription but, I had my neurologist and rehab specialist chiming in too. It did take a year to get the device. But, that is usually how insureance goes right? Cheers Heather



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It is made by a guy that originally made products for his autistic son.  It

was featured in a podcast from blind bargains a few years ago.  Ask them.


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Hi all,


Heather, I'm glad you got your rant off your chest, but right this second,

it's only a rant.  What is the name of this device?  Who sells it?  When did

you buy it?  Who gave it to you?  If we have this info, we can more easily

publish your problem on public media.  If you received this item from rehab,

let them know you're dissatisfied and why.


This is an ongoing problem which I feel should be taken up by ACB and NFB to

get these companies like LS&S and Maxi-Aids to quit sending out items with

only printed information.  Did you know that Humanware places its manual on

its products but does not provide braille hard copy, even for braille

devices like The BrailleNote Touch.  Roger Behm is the *only* vendor of whom

I am aware that automatically includes a braille hard copy start up guide

and he can braille the manual for you too.


This kind of deliberate inattentiveness to the needs of consumers is

flagrant all over the place!  The least these companies could do is include

a .brf file in an email.  Heaven forbid they should actually include hard

copy braille instructions and serial numbers for a "six dot braille labeler"



Yet some of you are willing to let the sighted teachers and rehab people

convince you that you don't need braille any more.  Braille is outdated,

they say.  Yet a consumer can't even read a serial number on a product

specifically designed for use by a braille reader.  C'mon guys, c'mon, we've

got to stop this.  It should be against the law to sell a product

specifically designed for braille readers which doesn't include a braille

manual and all the pertinent information in braille.


Ann P.



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> Hi am not to pleased with this thing and have not even used it yet. I

> really wish there was a e-mail to send my complaint too! So this is

> for the blind person who reads braille and they cant even be bothered

> to include a braille product guide to the unit! They are to lazy to

> emboss the serial number on the back of the unit however, the serial

> number is in print and the manual is in print too. So the catch was

> when I called to ask where the braille guide was, they in there

> infinite wisdom asked me the blind user for a serial number. So I am

> not lazy so I had to pull out my app off my phone to see if it could

> read it. Apparently it was written on a shiny area on the back and I

> could not get my app to capture the serial number or the lighting was

> off who knows. So if you can put braille on the unit all over, why the

> heck cant you emboss the serial number too. I am blind not stupid I do

> not need it to say six dot all over the unit once was enough. So Who

> are the morons who provide braille items and still expect you to have

> sighted assistance in 2020? I am glad I did not purchase this thing,

> it was given to me as a medical device! A device I still cant use yet

> as I have to wait for snail male to get my embossed braille guide.

> Sie! Heather





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