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Touche! Actually, I think the comment RE googling referred to getting a copy of the manual, not reading the serial number which is inaccessible.

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Oh, just wondering what does googling something have to do with needing a brailled serial number being placed on a braille device! Or why should I be disappointed that I was not given a braille manual or even a braille guide to go with my braille only device! It is a “braille,” oriented device that came with a “print manual,” and a “print serial number,” on the bottom of a braille oriented device. How many sighted people do you see walking around with a braille labeler that does not have a spec of print accept for that lovely serial number on the bottom that I am told one has to have super vision to read! Cheers Heather
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Don’t you know how to google info?
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Hi am not to pleased with this thing and have not even used it yet. I really wish there was a e-mail to send my complaint too! So this is for the blind person who reads braille and they cant even be bothered to include a braille product guide to the unit! They are to lazy to emboss the serial number on the back of the unit however, the serial number is in print and the manual is in print too. So the catch was when I called to ask where the braille guide was, they in there infinite wisdom asked me the blind user for a serial number. So I am not lazy so I had to pull out my app off my phone to see if it could read it. Apparently it was written on a shiny area on the back and I could not get my app to capture the serial number or the lighting was off who knows. So if you can put braille on the unit all over, why the heck cant you emboss the serial number too. I am blind not stupid I do not need it to say six dot all over the unit once was enough. So Who are the morons who provide braille items and still expect you to have sighted assistance in 2020? I am glad I did not purchase this thing, it was given to me as a medical device! A device I still cant use yet as I have to wait for snail male to get my embossed braille guide. Sie! Heather
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