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chris judge

Jaws will for sure. I can't speak for NVDA.

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I have such a small Need for Microsoft Word, that I don't have it installed on any of my Systems. Instead I use Jarte, and for my needs, it works great. It is Small, Quick, Simple, and works well with either of my Screen Readers.

However, there are times when I need to send a file to someone using a Microsoft Format, either MS Word 2013 or newer.

For the price of $36 down to $24 for Office Pro 2016, this deal is hard to resist.

Guess my question is this, How Accessible is Office 2016?

I use the Spell Checker, and need to change Fonts and Font Sizes. Need to do Underlining and some Outlining.

I also need to read large Documents of more than 100 pages.

I assume that Jaws 2019, and the latest NVDA Screen Readers will read enough in Word 2016 to do those items I listed above.

But, I thought I would ask here first, since these days, very little should be Assumed.

Oh, and if it matters, I am running everything on a Win 10 Pro System, with an I7 Chip and loads of Memory.

Isn't there a Newer version of MS Word? 2018, 19 or 20?

But, for $36 to $24, This deal is a temptation.

I would Love to hear from users of Office 2016 and hear how well it works with Screen Readers.

Thanks for any reply,

Grumpy Dave

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