Re: Alternative to Dropbox

Joe Orozco

Google Drive, now known as Google One, gives you 15 gigs of free
space, including your email. People seem to think the accessibility
has dramatically improved. I’ve also encountered the device
restriction on Dropbox and hate it because I’ve accumulated nearly 15
gigs of free space through referrals. If you don’t mind paying some
money and want good reliability, OneDrive may also be another viable
option. Pcloud is certainly a good option, but I’m not sure what their
pricing looks like.

On 2/17/20, Alex Stone <> wrote:
Maybe I’m being stupid, but I’m finding it difficult to sign up for a
premium plan.
On 17 Feb 2020, at 21:30, Joseph Weakland <> wrote:

i use Pcloud myself and its usable with an ios app and windows pc

if anyone wants to check out the service, yyou can find it at the bottom
of my web site i host of

good luck

On 2/17/2020 2:39 PM, Jim Ruby wrote:
Hi, I was doing some work and signed in to dropbox with a new device
and found that dropbox is only allowing up to three devices unless you
sign up for their plus package for $9 / month and you get 2 tp of
space. I'm wondering what else is out there and what you all are
using now? I'd like to keep all my devices able to access the files,
but I not really want to pay $9 per month for this as I don't need it
that often.

Joseph Weakland
sent from my windows 7 pc

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