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Hi all,

If you mean is it possible for someone who is blind or VI to put together a robot, that depends on a lot of stuff. First, how techie is the person? A good deal of knowledge about electronics and the bits and parts of a computer is assumed e.g. circuit boards and the like and how they fit together. Second this assumes that the instructions are in an accessible format. You wouldn't want to put together a robot unless you had the instructions in an accessible format.

Third, is it possible for the person to distinguish one part from another? In a robot, one might assume the parts are numbered e.g. 1 goes into 2 which is connected to 3 by the silver wire; 3 is placed into the socket on 4 that is labeled with the letter X. This am detailed work in the extreme. If all the parts are clearly labeled in an accessible way, then this is possible.

Bottom line, yes, if conditions are met.

Ann P.

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can a v i person build a robot and operate it?
in terms of physically putting together the robot and programming it?
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