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People can test and see.  That command is listed in the User Guide.  If it doesn't work, that indicates a bug and if so, I suspect the other method is supposed to be available as well.

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You can also do NVDA shift d to cyle through the audio ducking options. I don't think this works on the latest version though, since I'm primarily a mac user.

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Ah, yes, thank you! This is what I did after switching back to an older version of NVDA! Heather


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If you do a NVDA plus Control plus s this will bring up the choose synthesizer dialog. If you tab past the list of synths you will find where you can turn audio ducking on or off.


Greg Wocher


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Hello, can someone kindly tell me where to find audio ducking for NVDA? I went threw the settings. I wish NVDA had a settings center like jaws does and you can type what you are looking for. Heather 




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