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Mike B

When you invoke the,NVDA, shift + D, keystroke it works as a toggle that will cycle you through the 3 audio ducking settings, 1 setting at a time for each press of the keystrroke, so when using the keystroke listen carefully to make your audio ducking setting selection.

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Searching the user guide using NVDA search for ducking and repeating the search once showed this:
Audio Ducking Mode
Key: NVDA+shift+d
Regarding a settings center, eep in mind that the NVDA user guide is one document with links to different sections.  Therefore, you can use the NVDA search command to search the entire document for what you want.  That may not be as efficient as a settings center but at the same time, it is an efficient way to find things.
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Hello, can someone kindly tell me where to find audio ducking for NVDA? I went threw the settings. I wish NVDA had a settings center like jaws does and you can type what you are looking for. Heather 

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