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I should add that there is a problem with my phone that those who want very much to use it as an alarm clock should know about.  There is a bug that, if you set the alarm, then change the setting, the alarm will often sound at both the old time and the new time for one day.  I don't think it will for more than one day.  Also, it appears that if you set the alarm, let it go off at that time, then change it to a new time, that it will go off at the old time and the new time the next day.  I haven't made a thorough study of how long this lasts, but it appears to me to happen for one day. 
I put up with this problem because that problem isn't important to how I use the alarm and also, because the phone I have appears to be the best for what I want a phone to do at the price.  But this problem isn't discussed in the review I sent. 

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It isn't clear to me what is being asked for.  Does the person want a smart phone that is a flip phone, that is, a full smart phone, or is he interested in a more capable flip phone which will do more of what a smart phone does and yet is a flip phone? 
I don't particularly like this phone as a blind user because accessibility isn't well implemented.  But it is well enough implemented that I can do what I want with it and it appeared to be perhaps the best option for what I want, a flip phone that has features like a voice recorder, and other features such as a note taker, an earphone jack, and one thing I really like, an FM radio. 
And for a sighted person, this phone gets pretty good reviews, if this one is anything to judge by.  I looked up one.  You may look up others to compare.  The phone is the Alcatel Go flip 3.
I am going to be doing a presentation on the Go Flip 3 in March, I think the 9th.  I'll show how to work around limitations in accessibility to allow features such as contacts to be used that would seem to many not usable.  Those not interested in the phone may benefit from listening as well, because the kinds of techniques and logic I use may be of important benefit in other situations of limited accessibility.

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