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Pamela Dominguez

But they are coming back with a revised version. Pam.

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It bombed I am sure like most of that sort of thing does. The price
was probably out of this world. Anyways on the subject of this
foldable phone this is just second gen tech, so I am sure it has some
growing to do. I feel like they will get it right though. I would
still try it because it's something different. Also phones with
buttons not a big deal to me these days. I miss the days of phones
with nice keyboards but it's not what most people care about so they
will not be made much anymore.

On 2/20/20, jan howells via Groups.Io <gale7978=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
A While ago, I have heard about a combo smart phone with a keypad
with buttons at the bottom, and a touch screen at the top with a
small braille display at the bottom. Does anyone know whatever
became of that, or did it bomb? LOL! I think that the had ten or
12 cells. So it could be used by the touch screen with the
little braille display, or the buttons. I thought that it was
going to be available in 2020. Has anyone heard? Thank you.


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