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Carolyn Arnold

I had an Android tablet and did read articles and a couple
of books on it, something I have not done on my iPhone other
than some news articles, emails or texts, stuff like that. I
read a couple of books on that tablet, tricky, because I was
winging it without help. I might have stayed with Android,
had that tablet not had a keyboard, which I could have
removed. That keyboard, to me, was so clumsy, that I never
want another one for a touch-screen device.

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Gerald, I was 18 months old when blindness set in due to
measles. I don't recall what anyone's face looks like; I
can't blink or make any expressions with my eyes; I can't
MOVE MY EYES, look down, left or right as the
ophthalmologists at the eye clinic try to make me do when I
present for checkup. Colors are just that, I've never seen
them, and so I don't make sense of them. Yet, people talk
about colors all the time.

Ok, silly child, why go through this charade? I have done
so to refute your argument that those of us who are blind
using touchscreen toys do so with sighted assistance and or

Sorry sir, this is NOT THE CASE with me! My touchscreen toy
HAS NO PHYSICAL BUTTONS of any kind and I use it unperturbed
Android Toy OUT OF THE BOX and got it going ALL ON MY OWN
sitting at my desk at work. And, yes, I'm THE ONLY EMPLOYEE
here until I fire myself!

anything; I am CONSTANTLY LEARNING and seeking for ways to
learn. I start out by trying to explore anything on my own;
when I get stuck, I ask questions either here on this list,
or some other lists I roam on, but I don't go around looking
for sighted help until I have exhausted my channels within
the blind community.

All that said, is there an area where I fall short? Sure!
I'm not too good at using my toy to scan and read printed
materials; I suppose this has to do with my spatial
orientation; I'm working on it on my own presently.
However, if I don't hatch it down within the period I have
allotted, I'll seek sighted assistance for this purpose

Apologies for making this post rather long; I, like several
others, had to write to dispel the notion that blind users
of touchscreen toys are heavily reliant on folks with a pair
of eyes! Of course, I belong to the school which believes
that if an individual is visually impaired and has
sufficient residual vision, this should be used always to
the maximum extent possible.
Any such individual should NEVER PERMIT anyone to PULL
SLEEPSHADES over his or her face for any reason. I still
have LIGHT PERCEPTION which is slowly going away. I do
enjoy being able to use it and I'll never participate in any
rehabilitative training skill or program that seeks to force
me to wear sleepshades.

Denver, Colorado

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