Re: using bluetooth on my laptop

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Troy, I'm not running Windows10 'cause I'm a silly nonconformist child!

Using Windows7, however, I can press the Windows-key once and I am placed in
the Search Box; there, I simply type "bluetooth" without the quotes, whack
<enter> and follow the resulting prompts. Alternately, I can launch the
Control Panel; once in there, I press the letter "b" a few times till it
lands on "Bluetooth" and I whack <enter> and go on from there.

I trust the same is possible with Windows10 but I won't find out until I get
there; G.O.K. what year that will be for me as I am a happy camper with what
I do now using the OS alluded to in this post.

Denver, Colorado

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