locked Re: New Smart Flip Phone?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

I can't address anything iOS specifically; that said, in the Android World,
there are myriads of keyboards available. For example, there's a keyboard
that's exactly like a regular computer keyboard, only it's virtual. This
keyboard has the familiar Control, Alt, Up and Down Arrow keys.

For anyone interested, look for the Blind Accessibility Keyboard at Google's
Play Store. The most common keyboard used by the blind in Androidville is
Google's GBoard. No, it doesn't have the control, alt, up and down arrow
keys, and it is primarily a Touch & Lift keyboard. I believe I have about
five different keyboards installed on My Shiny Android toys and I switch
back and forth amongst them though I use GBoard much of the time.

Denver, Colorado

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