locked Re: New Smart Flip Phone?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Gerald, if I dare say so, I think that a trip to a phone store near you in
the Big Apple will knock off several of your assumptions relating to
smartphones with touchscreens. I'm certain that playing with a few of these
toys will calm your fears. I know a 65-year-old blind guy here in my
village playing with a smart toy for the first time. This gentleman has
MADE GIANT STRIDES with respect to being able to use his toy which he got
into his hot hands about a week ago. He has an Android toy and, by simply
asking questions on an Android list and following instructions received, his
love for his toy has grown in leaps and bounds.

Lastly, smart toys will always have buttons for such stuff as Volume
Control, as well as on and off switches. Some now even have buttons that
invoke the Google Assistant. This is nice especially if one has two smart
toys next to each other and one only wishes to get a response from just the
one in tow.

As for the Smart Vision and similarly situated smart toys specifically
designed for the blind, more power to those blind folks who desire and want
such toys particularly in environments where a government agency helps with
their procurement! In much of the world, the blind purchase smart toys in
the mainstream from their stash of pennies. I make all my purchases in the
mainstream with my stash of pennies which are being carefully pegged. Same
holds true for needed Braille devices even though these still keep me too
far behind my peers in the real world.

Denver, Colorado

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