locked Re: New Smart Flip Phone?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Alex, I doubt if Gerald has ever held a smart toy in his hands! Whilst his
fears and assumptions are somewhat misplaced, I'd like to think that you and
I were in the same place until our hot hands proved us wrong when we began
playing with our smart toys! Believe me, Alex, I have a number of blind
friends who contend that I've made a horrid mistake running with Android
toys. However, I am a SILLY CHILD who loves to tinker with what I consider
to be impossible just to see how far along I can get by learning what I
don't know. I have surprised myself, and yet I can't come up with a way to
teach some of my findings to others. In my books, that's not very nice!

More than anything else, curiosity pushed me to get out and go lay my feeble
fingers on a smart toy. First, I grabbed the iPhone; for reasons I can't
even describe in clear language, it didn't FIT SNUGLY in my hands; I
couldn't claim it as mine. Next, I grabbed an Android toy and, after five
minutes of playing with it, I took it home with me! The sales lady who
helped me was stunned! Before me, she had sold more iPhones to blind
customers and she was so sure I wanted an iPhone too. I haven't looked back
ever since. Will I ever purchase an iPhone anytime soon? May be when I get
to the point where I want to do a comparison analysis of the two mobile
platforms and record the results for educational purposes. For now, I
personally DO NOT WISH to purchase a smart toy that DOES NOT COME with an SD
card slot as I prefer to keep documents and such saved locally just so I can
access them when I happen to find myself in environments where the cloud
waits patiently for the rain drops to begin trickling down. Also, if I
don't have access to my smart toy for some reason, I can take out the SD
card and go to work on a Windows computer without compromising anything.

Anyhow, it is my hope that those of us who haul around a smart toy can
continue to help encourage Mr. Levy to get to a phone store and go play with
a smart toy. Hey, someday, he could be teaching me something I didn't pay
attention to on my smart toy!

Denver, Colorado

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