locked Re: New Smart Flip Phone?

jan howells <gale7978@...>

Hi Gerald,

When you have voiceover on, go into Settings, General, Accessibility, shortcuts. Turn on shortcuts in Accessibility in general in settings. Een as do not have a voice, top the home button three times for voiceover on. See if that helps. If you make sure that shortcuts are on, you can iet the voice back that way. Or you can tell Siri to turn voiceover on. You can also jurn on Hey Siri, so that you can just speak without holding down a home button. Then when you do not hear a voice, just say, Hey Siri, turn voiceoofer on. I hopaid that this helps. The best book in braille or e-text that you can get from the nbp, is a book by Larry Lewis. He has a few. One is called, IOS in the classroom. His books are geered to teach parents and teachers to train young people. They are very easy to comprehend.


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