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chris judge

It's interesting how I got started with IOS. A friend of mine had an iPod
touch. She let me fiddle with it a few times but I really wasn't all that
interested, but she swore by it's accessibility and the things she could
accomplish with it. One day we were speaking on the phone. She told me she
was going to buy an iPhone and would be selling her iPod touch. I decided on
a whim to buy it so I got on to paypal and sent her some cash. A day later I
went to visit her and she gave me the iPod. Within 5 minutes I was flustered
and told her I might have acted in haste. She offered to refund me as she
could have easily sold it elsewhere. I suggested me taking it for a day to
play with it. The next day she asked me if I still wanted to return the iPod
touch. I told her she could have it back over my dead body. I'm not saying I
had mastered it in a day, but I knew I would be fine if I just stuck with

Sometimes I find some people are so unwilling to try anything new that they
sell themselves short and miss out on so much. We're in such a good place
now with regards to having equal access to things that were only a dream
only a few years ago. I can't speak for anyone else, but there's nothing
quite like the feeling of being independent.

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I have been using ios since 2012. My brother bought me my very first iPod
Touch, Then in 1013, he bought me an iPad mini. He just bought me an iPad
mini 4. I love the books by Larry Lewis that National Braille Press has.
Thez have helped tremendously.
I think that he is the direcjor of flying blind.


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