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I love my iPhone 11 and I use it for everything everywhere.

Yes, iPhones do crash. My iPhone 7 Plus that I had for two years crashed last summer. Fortunately, I was able to get a decent deal on the iPhone 11 back in October. Now I use it and I’m very happy with it. Wow phones to crash, it isn’t too hard to get a new one if you can work out a deal with your carrier as I did with T-Mobile.

You can do just about everything with the iPhone and the android phone using Siri, Google assistant and some form of dictation. Yes, the iPhone and the android phone is a very convenient pocket computer that will enable you to do so much in your daily life that you will not believe it! It is well worth the investment and the time it takes to learn.



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Greetings holly I tried writing off list couldn't figure out how or what
command to use, wanted to talk with you about your hearing aids, I was
just diagnosed Tuesday with a severe hearing loss and need to look in to
getting hearing aids.

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I have blue tooth hearing aids from Costco that are compatible with my
iPhone. They cost $1400 a pair and work great.

Also, with dictation and Siri you can do almost everything hands free.

Unfortunately, I don't think any amount of useful information the list
members offer you would convince you, as you are just closed minded on the

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