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Carolyn Arnold

That's right, just like the rest of the phones, TVs, tablets, etc, etc, etc.

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Remember when Appleboasted that it would start making IPhones in the US? How did that work out? Now they are all made in China in sweatshops whose workers are paid coolie wages to maximize Apple's profits. And now, thanks to the Corona virus, Apple has reported that it may have to reduce its production capacity in China. Coupled with the President's tariffs on Chinese imports, the price of an IPhone as well as other smart phones could go even higher. As far as those specialized phones, they are not sold in stores. At least if you buy a smart phone at a Best Buy store, you can bring it back to them for repair because they deal with large, mainstream manufacturers like LG and Samsung that have facilities in the US. But bring a BlindShell into Best Buy for repair and they will probably laugh you right out of the store.


On 2/21/2020 9:14 AM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Hmm, Gerald, I may be wrong, but I don't know of any smart toy as I
call them being made in the United States! Even the iPhone is
assembled in China and imported back into our country; Samsung toys
are generally assembled in Vietnam, and Google Pixel toys in Taiwan.
Heck, even Braille devices which cost more than an arm and a few toes
are assembled outside the United States and imported back to our country.

So, in that regard, the Smart Vision and Blindshell toys are just
following the trend. Manufacturers generally assemble their toys
where labour is extremely cheap and poorly regulated; then they bring
them to us to purchase at whatever price point they elect to charge.
In the Android world where there's no ONE SIZE FITS ALL, several of
the available smart toys in the mainstream are made by companies that
DO NOT HAVE any physical presence in our country; yet, these toys
perform at reasonably high levels for a long, long time. It is wrong
to single out the producers of the Smart Vision and the Blindshell
toys especially since all they are doing is following in the tracks of
other manufacturers. If your reason is to be adopted, we all might as
well walk around naked 'cause more than 100% of the shirts and coats
we wear are made elsewhere and brought here for resale; but we don't knock them off!

Denver, Colorado

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