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Alex Stone

It’s longer than that, I can remember testing a windows surface tablet in about 2012 which had a removable Bluetooth keyboard.

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For the last years, at least 4 or 5, there are laptops on which the keyboard can be easily removed or reattached. Thus, it is a cross or combo laptop or tablet.
Of course when the keyboard is detached, you use the on-screen keyboard. -----Original Message-----
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Don't all laptops have keyboards? I thought that only tablets do not have built-in keyboard.

Diane Bomar
On Feb 21, 2020, at 18:16, Pamela Dominguez <pammygirl99@gmail.com> wrote:
Did you ask if there are any laptops with physical built-in keyboards? Because I think you made a writing mistake. Yes, there are laptops with built-in keyboards. I'm writing on one. But I have connected a keyboard to mine, because I am having problems with my built-in keyboard. Pam.

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Are there any such things any more, or what was the last thing that would be a lapto to carry around with a physical built in keyboard? Thank you.


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