Re: What is a good flip phone to buy?

Pamela Dominguez

I can use contacts on my Alcatel 4044.  The only problem is, when you put contacts in, you can’t left and right arrow and have it speak through the name or the number to make sure that you did it correctly, or, if you did make a mistake, to find out where you are in order to correct the mistake.  It will just read the whole line by arrowing up and down.  Pam. 

From: Gene
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2020 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] What is a good flip phone to buy?
I read a very little about it.  I think it is similar to the Alcotel Go Flip 3. 
I don't know what differences there may be.  I would suggest going over the phone with a sighted person, because, though I can tell you about the Go Flip3, if a procedure doesn't apply, you may not be able to do it without help in seeing how it is done. 
Speech is turned on on the Go Flip3 by opening settings, opening accessibility and turning on Readout.  You may well benefit from listening to my presentation to be given on the Go Flip 3 if the phone requires the same or similar work arounds for incomplete accessibility.  It might appear, for example, that contacts can't be used on the Go Flip3, but with the right workarounds, they can.
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] What is a good flip phone to buy?
My brother just bought me an Alcatel Go 5.  He has Verizon.  I
know nothing about the Alcatel Go 5 yet.  Can anyone enlighten
me? I will get it on Easter Sunday.


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