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In any case, I think enough has been said on this topic and the topic of a smart phone. Let’s all move on and just try to be a little more careful from now on.


On Feb 22, 2020, at 6:28 PM, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:

Hi Group,

As I recall in this thread, nobody was taking the Lord's name in vain. There was a reference to someone accidentally placing the letter 't' on the end of a fellow whose name was Chris. I had done that accidentally years ago on another list. I playfully referred t that incident to lighten up the rather intense discussion concerning the smart phone usability issue--since it was getting way off topic anyway; I was doing nothing more.

Some of you so-called Christians are a bit thin-skinned if that offended you!
With some of the references in the Bible itself--a few of the Apostles were a bit playful. I can think of Peter himself who seemed to be playing dumb at times with Jesus.

On 2/22/2020 7:17 PM, David Goldfield wrote:
Yes. Penny, I'd like to sincerely thank you for speaking up about this. Some of us are practicing Christians and I myself, being a practicing Catholic Christian, am one of them and I find that using the name of Jesus as a curse word is extremely offensive. I always try to respect the beliefs of others, even if I may not personally share them, and I try to avoid language which might be considered offensive. I think it would be helpful to please consider this.

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On 2/22/2020 6:56 PM, Victor wrote:
I agree with you. Let’s make sure we keep everything respectful.

On Feb 22, 2020, at 9:41 AM, Penny Golden <pengold2@...> wrote:

 Some of us take exception to the discussion of Christ that is going on.

I mean, bash each other, or laud each other, but can't we keep references to Christ out of it, maybe?

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