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The discussion started because someone said "Christ, Gerald," as a form of emphasis.  This is offensive to some people as for serious Christians, it is taking the Lord's name in vain.  That has been made clear and any such expressions, using any religious language that any believer in any religion may find offensive, along with vulgarity, is not allowed.  Further discussion is off topic for the list.  I ask that it be stopped now. 
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Hi Group,

As I recall in this thread, nobody was taking the Lord's name in vain. 
There was a reference to someone accidentally placing the letter 't' on
the end of a fellow whose name was Chris.  I had done that accidentally
years ago on another list.  I playfully referred t that incident to
lighten up the rather intense discussion concerning the smart phone
usability issue--since it was getting way off topic anyway; I was doing
nothing more.

Some of you so-called Christians are a bit thin-skinned if that offended
With some of the references in the Bible itself--a few of the Apostles
were a bit playful.  I can think of Peter himself who seemed to be
playing dumb at times with Jesus.

On 2/22/2020 7:17 PM, David Goldfield wrote:
> Yes. Penny, I'd like to sincerely thank you for speaking up about
> this. Some of us are practicing Christians and I myself, being a
> practicing Catholic Christian, am one of them and I find that using
> the name of Jesus as a curse word is extremely offensive. I always try
> to respect the beliefs of others, even if I may not personally share
> them, and I try to avoid language which might be considered offensive.
> I think it would be helpful to please consider this.
> David Goldfield,
> Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
> JAWS Certified, 2019
> WWW.DavidGoldfield.org
> On 2/22/2020 6:56 PM, Victor wrote:
>> I agree with you. Let’s make sure we keep everything respectful.
>> Victor
>>> On Feb 22, 2020, at 9:41 AM, Penny Golden <pengold2@...> wrote:
>>>    Some of us take exception to the discussion of Christ that is
>>> going on.
>>> I mean, bash each other, or laud each other, but can't we keep
>>> references to Christ out of it, maybe?

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