Re: Problem Updating New Machine

George McCoy

If worse comes to worst, you can reinstall the OS.


On 2/22/2020 7:53 PM, lynn white wrote:

Sent from my iPhoneI received a new laptop. I opened Microsoft Edge and got one of those messages that my computer was locked and that trying to restart would not help. It was one of those programs where they want money from you.

I was able to restart my machine and then went into Internet Explorer and finished setting up the machine.

But, what is worrying me is that when I update and restart the machine, the update cycle seems to be rather short and I’ve had to do this pretty often.

The seller of the machine always lets us know that the machine has to update fairly often. I’m used to this happening since I have bought from him several times. But, I’ve never encountered this other issue before.

I always thought that ransom ware made it that (1) you couldn’t restart a machine and (2) you wouldn’t be able to use another browser.

I have no intention of paying these people. The machine didn’t cost me that much and, if I have to, I will just not use the equipment at all even though it seems to be a good computer. I would appreciate any thoughts.

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