Re: What is Microsoft C++?

Howard Traxler

Back in the day, C++ was a C language compiler from Borland.  Are you saying that now it is provided by microsoft?  Is it free or do you know the cost?

On 2/24/2020 9:33 AM, George McCoy wrote:
C++ is a programming language.  There are support programs that have to be installed from Microsoft.  The message you receive should tell you which C++ version you need.  You then search for the download link for the needed version, download and install it and you should be good.


On 2/24/2020 5:52 AM, Gary Price via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi everyone!

I'm sorry if this is a really simple question.
Please can someone on here tell me in simple terms what Microsoft C++ is?
See I've got a friend of mine who wants to use the Vocalizer voices with NVDA downloaded from a website I know about, but he doesn't have Microsoft C++ installed.
And I'm not sure how to explain what they are because I don't know properly myself.

I've tried a Google search for this question, getting the answer Integrated development environment.
But I don't understand what this means.

Thanks I look forward to any replies.
Gary Price
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