Re: A Huge Thunderbird Issue

Steve Matzura

In this modern day and age, why would you not be using iMap?

The reason you're getting mesages from days gone by is probably because on your other system you set up POP3 not to delete the messages from the server. I'm not using POP3 so I can't guide you to where that checkbox is in Thunderbird, but what I'd do if it were me is to delete the account and re-create it with iMap, then after everything's been downloaded and you've processed those messages that are important to you, select all and press Shift+DELETE, which will bypass sending everything to the trash folder and just make it all go away from both your machine and its serving system.

On 2/25/2020 8:05 AM, lynn white wrote:

Sent from my iPhoneI just set up a new laptop. When I downloaded Thunderbird, I started getting messages going back to 2015. I configured this for pop settings and all I wanted was current messages. I also keep getting these messages about remote protective view. How do you turn this off? Thanks. Oh, and is there a way to delete this mound of messages that apparently is on the mail server?

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