Re: Kindle for PC question


Hello Karen,

<Smile>  How to use Kindle for PC is a larger question, but I'll share
what it takes to get a Book and to start reading it.

I download the Accessible version of Kindle for PC, and installed it.

I then ran it once, just to take a quick look.

I did go to Amazon to purchase a Book. , once I received an Email
acknowledging my purchase, I then started up Kindle for PC.

You may need to Tab around till you come to  a Table where all of your
purchased Books are listed.

If no Book is listed, and you have bought at least one Book, Press the
F5 key to force Kindle to check for New Books.

After doing this, the Book Title should appear in the Book list.

Move up or down with the Arrow keys to find the Book Title.  Once on the
Title, press the Enter key.

This will download the New Book and open it to begin reading.

I use the Up and Down arrows to move through the Text, or I use the Read
to End  in JAWS to sit back and listen to the Book getting read through

Pressing Escape stops the reading, and if you choose to close Kindle at
this time, it will save your place.

The next time you start Kindle, it will start at the same place you left
off in the previous session.

If you want to close the Book, there are short cut keys to do this, but
since I can't remember it right now, pressing the ALT-F will open the
File Menu and arrow down till you find Close Book. Press Enter and the
Book will Close, and the Focus will be back in the area where all of
your Books are listed.

There are other features to Kindle, but this should get you going.

Now a comment about Books for Kindle-

I have bought books that do not read in Kindle.  They are made for
Kindle, but Jaws will not read them.

I have bought other books that Jaws will not read, but the Reading
feature in Kindle will read them.

The kindle voices are not as good as the Jaws voices And moving around
in the Book is not as smooth as when Jaws is doing the reading.

Then I have the majority of my books that read just fine with Jaws, and
I have no problems getting around.

I will say that I have bought some Books for learning Computer
Programming, that read fine, but the Books have pictures of Screen
Shots, showing their Code.  This is great for the person with Vision,
but not so great for someone using a Screen Reader.

Sometimes you can pay a good chunk of money for some of these books, and
then you find out they have pictures instead of Text when showing Code

I have not attempted to use the OCR feature in Jaws yet.   so that might
be a way to grab the text in those pictures.

Although, the accuracy would need to be spot on, cause one wrong
character in a line of Code is not going to be helpful.

Over all, I find Kindle for PC to work.  it has its quirks, and at times
can be fussy, but it works as long as I don't need to do something more
than just read the book.

Between the limitations of what Jaws will read, and perhaps some odd
things about Kindle, keeping it simple is the best way to use Kindle.

As for the Kindle App for Phones, someone else will need to advise you
on that as I do not own a Cell Phone.  Shocking for sure, but I don't
need one bad enough to justify their Cost, or the Calling Plan.

this is my choice, and while I am sure I could find a use for a Phone, I
would hardly use it.

Grumpy Dave

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