Re: a piece of software. Plextalk recording software

David Goldfield

Hi, Kerryn.

Plextalk is a company which produces several types of digital talking book players, similar to devices such as the Victor Stream or the Hims line of players. The product that I'm most familiar with was known as the Plextalk Pocket. It has similar functionality to a Victor Reader Stream although it's a bit smaller. I think that Plextalk sold it under the name PTP1 and APH sold a version of it which they called the Bookport Plus. I own a Plextalk Pocket but I wanted it not so much for its reading features but for its recording capabilities, which were very nice. Try this link for the page, btw. Hopefully, that one should work. I had pasted it in an earlier message while on my iPhone and I may have inadvertently done something to corrupt the URL and I apologize for that.

Also, thank you for your nice words about my Web site. That is very kind.

Take care.

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On 2/26/2020 8:11 PM, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io wrote:

what is plex talk
i am trying to open this link, not working
i love your website david
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Penny, you can find the software at

     David Goldfield
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On Feb 26, 2020, at 12:23 PM, Penny Golden <pengold2@...> wrote:

    Does anyone know where the Plextalk Recording Software is downloadable from?

Sorry, I ended the sntence with a preposition.  I may have had a copy once on some CD that came with the units; now I'm a little clueless as to where to look. I asked on the list, but have not had an answer yet.



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