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I'm not sure.  Where do you see such wide fluctuations as five minutes and two days.  The only place I see something like that is when uploading, not downloading, to Dropbox.  What happens when you use other browsers?  Perhaps the download is timing out because of a network problem.  it may be so slow for so long that it simply stops as a timeout.  You may be able to verify that by checking the download history, which I'll discuss later if necessary.  But first, what happens with other browsers?

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so what happens
when it works, the download will complete successfully
when it does not work, i normally hear 5 minutes remaining or then it goes to 2 days remainding then 10 minutes
then it does not work
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But what actually happens or doesn't happen?  When downloading doesn't work, is there an error message?  Does any sort of dialog open? 
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dont no
as i said sometimes it work well in downloading and other times it dont work
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Is Chrome trying to block you?


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hi all


i use chrome on windows 10

from time to time i have problems downloading, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont


what could be causing this



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