Re: accessible tor version?

Ron Canazzi

Hi David,

I believe there is a way using the configuration editor.  I thought I had an e-mail saved that describes how to do it. I can't find it. Maybe someone else will have the information.

On 3/2/2020 5:50 PM, David Mehler wrote:
Hello Gene,

I'd say your assessment is right on. I believe I'm seeing the disable
accessibility in play. I've tried two screen readers and neither can
see the menus. Is there another way I can get at this setting perhaps
a commandline option to temporarily give me accessibility support then
while in that session turning the setting permanently correct? Or
another way?


On 3/2/20, Gene <> wrote:
I don't know if the browser will work properly when this change is made, but
it is based on the Firefox browser and that browser has a setting to disable
accessibility. I thought this setting was off and that the current version
of Tor is accessible. I remember reading that awhile ago. If that isn't
the case and accessibility is disabled, you may need sighted help to change
the setting so your screen-reader can receive information from the browser.

You can try changing this setting and see if the browser works well. I
don't know how the Tor developers may have changed the browser compared to
firefox and if it will work well after this change. I am assuming that at
present, you get no information from the browser. I don't even think you
can see the menus. Let me know if things are different from what I
describe. If they are, that may indicate another problem, and others may be
able to address it with more information.

As I recall, the accessibility setting is somewhere in options.

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I'm using jfw 2019 and NVDA 2019 as screen readers. I'm needing to use
tor. It does not look like the current version nor the previous one
which I have as 7.5.4 is accessible anymore. Is there an accessible
version or a fix?


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