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heather albright

No it was not a restocking fee. They charged me for something that could have been sent free matter. So if one orders something from them, be prepared! That is all I am going to say on the subject! Heather


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I don't know if your message is a valid warning.  Are users told in some sort of straightforward way that returning something will involve a restocking fee?  I purchase very little and I have returned nothing.  What is customary for those companies that specialize in dealing with blind purchasers?  Do they generally charge a restocking fee for returns?  How much?  Is this company within what is customary now? 


Aside from that, since all sorts of merchants charge restocking fees now, is the charge within what is reasonable for merchants in general?  Shipping isn't the question.  Restocking fees aren't based on shipping costs.  they are a cost imposed for restocking a returned item.



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Hello, I just want to worn anyone who does business that, this company does not return all your money even with items that could be shipped free matter for the blind. So LoganTech.

Proxtalker, be warned and go else where! Heather



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