Re: Looking for a Full Featured dictionary to load on my System


Hello Gene,

Sorry, was only posting the request for a Full Featured Dictionary, for
another blind individual who uses a Computer, but doesn't belong to any
Lists such as this one.

Their worry was that if they went out and bought some program off the
Web some where, they would find out it would not work with Jaws, or it
would not be a Full Featured dictionary.  So I posted what they asked.

a Million years ago, they used a Webster's dictionary that was on a CD. 
It worked and ran fine in Win XP.  However, as of two weeks ago, they
now have Win 10, and is experiencing the many changes between the two
Operating Systems, and that few of their Old Software works in Win 10. 
thus their Search for something Newer to replace the old.

by Full Featured, I imagine they are hoping for as many features as
possible, and for the Dictionary to not be a smaller Pocket Dictionary
with fewer Words, Synonyms, Thesaurus, and Etymology.

They are also looking for a replacement program to Play their many MP3

I've told them about VLC, but they are willing to pay for some other
software if it would work better.

Thanks again,

Grumpy Dave

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