locked Re: warning if you doing business


Of course Jan. Each customer pays what they can, when they can. I keep
track of the payments and when the total price is reached, out goes
the package.

However I believe you're confusing me with another blind business
owned by someone else. We do not rip you off if you don't complete
your payments. I have yet to determine if I should charge anything for
the work involved in keeping track of the payments but it would not be
anywhere near all the money the customer has paid on the lay-away plan
as that would be very criminal. Perhaps 5 or 10 bucks depending on how
much work I had to do.



On 3/5/20, jan howells via Groups.Io <gale7978=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
Hi Laz,

Would I be able to pay say $50 a month? I understand that you do
not send the equipment until paid off. If I were not to pay, I
would lose what I have paid plus the equipment. I have forgotten
how much the unit is. Perhaps I would pay more.


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