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Carolyn Arnold

The problem is that the Victor Stream costs the merchant more than $200.

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You just proved my point that you don't care. Blind people just don't have 200 dollars we need payments for much than that. Free mater is not the problem thats just an excuse not to use it. That could happen if it is used or not and it does. I exper better than this from somone who isblind. If somthing is able to be sent by free mater than it should be. I would never spend 1,000 dollars for an iphone I just have a basic phone that I make my monthly payments on. For the record 200 dollars would be about a third of the monthly income of the blind so thats is taking advantage of the blind. What about braille? If somone requested braille would you provide it? If not than you are no better than all of the rest of the other companies. We need braille and not audio.

Brian Sackrider

On 3/5/2020 5:57 PM, Laz wrote:
I do operate my own business and would not use free matter for the
blind under any circumstances. Instead I use the USPS and pay for the
postage myself, except on international orders but I do subsidize the
international postage as well.

I had too many experiences before I started my business when I did use
free matter for the blind personally, of packages getting lost,
packages coming back postage due, etc, that I decided I would never
use it in my business.

In answer to someone else's comments in this thread about
blindbusinesses not caring about blind people or offering payment
plans, we do offer lay-away plans but only for orders totaling $200 or
more such as for a Victor Reader Stream, Victor Reader Trek, etc.

I am blind, am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, and I do care.


On 3/5/20, Dave Mitchel <dbmitchel@centurylink.net> wrote:
the government pays for free matter. that is not or does not include
things you pay for as it is free matter.
if I am selling you or anyone else I cannot send that free matter as
it is not free but has been paid for.

From: brian
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We should not do business with any company that will not mail
out products that do qualafy for free matter. Tell them that they
don't then we will go else whear. If companies can't deal with the
cost of doing business then they don't belong in business. It's bad
enough when companies that sell products for the blind refuse to
provide us with accessable meterials such as manuals and catalogs.
They all do this and neither Acb or Nfb are doing anything about
this. They just don't care about real world problems of the blind
they are a very big joke. They have always been and will always will
be. Companies that sell products for the blind are proving that they
really don't care about the needs of the blind they just want our
money. They are taking advantage of and they should all be very
ashamed of themselves. What a big scam? They just can't comprehend
that the majority of theblind are either unimployed living on ssi or
ssdi income that barly pays for your monthly living expensive. There
is very little room for expensive products in their budgets. Thats
just reality but they will never comprehend that. How many companies
that sell products for the blind offer any monthly payment plans?
They want full payment and thats just not possible. When I first applied to my local lions club for a reading machine they told me that it would take their whole anual budget just to pay for it.
This prevents the blind from achieving the independence that the
blind truly want and they could care less. I am not saying that we
should get somthing for nothing but just work with us and charge a
more reasonable price for their products. Offer monthly payment
plans and they will sell more products. They have no business sinse.
There is a double standard here. If we request braille we are told
that the cost is to high and only
10 percent of blind people read braille anyway. On the other hand
they ignore the 70-80 unimployment rate of the blind and expect us to pay money
that we don't have. They are very selish and very inconciterate of our
needs the very people they claim to be in business for. I know that
nothing will probably ever change unless the blind community as a
whole demand change. I doubt that will ever happen you just can't
getthe blind to unite on any issue. Just some food for thought for what's werth.

Brian Sackrider

On 3/5/2020 4:04 PM, Nimer Jaber wrote:

If I operated a business, I probably would not send stuff out free matter.
Did you have an agreement that they would send it out free matter?
Did you get anything in writing saying this?

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 1:01 PM heather albright <kd5cbl@gmail.com> wrote:

No it was not a restocking fee. They charged me for something
that could have been sent free matter. So if one orders something
from them, be prepared! That is all I am going to say on the subject!

From: Gene
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I don't know if your message is a valid warning. Are users told
in some sort of straightforward way that returning something will
involve a restocking fee? I purchase very little and I have returned
nothing. What is customary for those companies that specialize in
dealing with blind purchasers? Do they generally charge a restocking
fee for returns? How much? Is this company within what is customary now?

Aside from that, since all sorts of merchants charge restocking
fees now, is the charge within what is reasonable for merchants in general?
Shipping isn't the question. Restocking fees aren't based on
shipping costs. they are a cost imposed for restocking a returned item.


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Hello, I just want to worn anyone who does business that, this
company does not return all your money even with items that could be
shipped free matter for the blind. So LoganTech.

Proxtalker, be warned and go else where! Heather



Nimer Jaber

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