locked Re: warning if you doing business


I'll do Business with any Company that gives me good service, and gets
me the items I purchased in a quick delivery.

I don't mind at all paying for Shipping.  It is part of having them
package up the item, wrap it, put postage on it, and then have the
postal service come by and pick it up.  So, Shipping charges are expected.

I've never used Free Matter for the blind, and probably won't, only
because for the kinds of things I order, shipping is next to nothing.

Now if I am looking at something on Ebay, and the Seller wants $75 for
shipping when Shipping should be $20, I won't Bid on that item.

The Seller is attempting to pay less Fees to Ebay, and if they are
willing to cheat ebay out of what they have coming to them, then should
I be surprised if they cheat me, if they have the opportunity?

I just don't let some Stranger selling something, maybe from far far
away, cheat me in some way.

Grumpy Dave

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