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Our price for the Victor Reader Stream is $359.99 and of course no tax
or shipping charges inside the US unless you're in florida where I
wuld have to charge you for FL tax. Before we go into how you would
pay we'll take this off the list, so my next message to you will be


On 3/5/20, jan howells via Groups.Io <gale7978=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
How much is the Victor Reader Trek, and how do I begin to pay
you? I think that I was confusing you with Radio Shack. My
roommate put a stereo on lay away that she bought me back in
1979. I get paid on the third of each month. Is there a way
that I could have you automatically take the fixed payment out
each month from my bank account? Or would you want me to pay you
through Cash App, or Apple Pay, or Zelle? Please let me know how
I can begin to pay. Thank you.

Jan Howells

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