A thought on discussions such as the current Braille one


As list owner, I thought this would be a good time to explain why I allow such discussions as the Braille one to continue.  Some list owners see such lists of this kind as an almost exclusively question and answer list where technical questions are posed and answered or discussed.  I see this list as going beyond that to an extent.  Too much discussion of a philosophical nature would detract from the list but a certain amount, from time to time, allows list members to develop a sense of community and to learn a little bit aboutother members.  I don't think it is good for a list if people just discuss technical problems without ever having any human contact.  Its isolating. 
Some people may have been wondering why I allow such discussions or why I don't stop them much sooner.  If a discussion goes on too long and is producing mostly repetitive comments, or if a topic comes up which is divisive and causing ill feeling on the list, I would stop them.  But the Braille topic is not doing so.  A little disagreement is not the same as ill feeling. 
If people have comments about this question, they may write me at
gsasner at gmail.com.  Don't forget to use the actual at sign in stead of the written out word.  I used the written out word to stop bots from harvesting my address for spam. 
Gene, owner

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