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Gerald Levy

Allow me to address two of your points.  First of all, not all deaf-blind people are dependent on Braille, as you seem to imply. Indeed, many of them use IPhones with Voice Over successfully with their blutoot hearing aids.  I know this because I run the Blind Hearing Aid Users list, and hardly a day goes by without somebody inquiring about using an IPhone, so just because a person is classified as "deaf-blind" does not necessarily mean that they cannot hear or see, and thus must rely totally on Braille to read. I am classified as deaf-blind myself, but have never learned Braille and get along just fine without it because I can still hear reasonably well with hearing aids.

Secondly, it is not true that computers cannot be sent as free matter.  Computers for the Blind in Texas ships all computers and accessories as free matter and even provides tracking numbers, something that some merchants don't do even if you pay for shipping.  I have ordered three computers from them and all were well packaged and delivered undamaged within a week of being sent out

BTW, did your precious Smart Vision cell phone come with comprehensive Braille instructions??  For $700, it's the least they can do.


On 3/6/2020 8:14 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Morning all,

Several points have been made in this discussion, but I want to concentrate on Dave's assertion, and his amusement.

Dave, let me explain something to you.  Stop being grumpy and listen.  There are people in this world who actually need braille, not prefer it, or desire it, but actually need it.  These are our friends who are DeafBlind.  They cannot use any audio materials spoken by either human or synthetic voices.  They need braille.

Second, RE the matter of Free Matter for the Blind.  I would not want equipment of any kind shipped Free Matter because it takes so long to ship and also because it is treated like third class mail, the potential for damage is great!  I don't think you can ship computers Free Matter.  It has to be something specifically designed for the blind, not something that is available to all.

Now as to instructions sent with equipment for the blind, many companies which sell material specifically designed for the blind do, not, ship, accessible instructions with their products!!  They don't ship large print.  They don't ship braille.  They don't ship audio, nothing accessible, only a printed pamphlet!  This is unconscionable!  A person who is blind should receive instructions in some kind of accessible format, period!  It could be an audio CD, or a braille hard copy or a braille file, but something! Instead, they ship their products with printed instructions, expecting the blind person to be able to access them somehow. Roger Behm is the *only* businessman I know of who ships accessible instructions and manuals without being asked.  I had to get sighted help to label a calculator for a student because the company which sent the thing didn't bother including accessible instructions.

Ann P.

Original message:
Gosh, a couple of you had me Laughing Out Loud!

Complaining about having to pay Postage, and that Braille instructions
don[t come in the package?

Sheesh!  Be Dam Thankful you get an Audio file!   but, Braille?

Now that was Funny!  I Needed a Good Laugh today.

Grumpy Dave

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