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Here in my county we no longer have accessable voting as they no longer have the automarc machines.  The machines that they have now don't even talk.  We need braille ballots so we can vote with out technology that all to often fails but paper braille will never fail no technology only that it takes to braille it.  Having braille ballots would give us the independence of a secret ballot somthing that we just don't have.  We have to tell the pole workers our choices and that not private at all.  I don't want any one to know how I voted.  The sighted are blessed to have private secret ballots butthe blind don't.  If I don't vote because of this then I am not excersing my right to vote and I have no say or right to complain about the outcome.  If I want to vote then I have to give up my right to privacy and tell somone my choices that is not private or secret voting.  This is a major problem in this country that needs to be solved it's lon over due.  Many times the pole workers know nothing about the equipment so if it does not work they can't do anything about that.  They are not trained on how to use the equipment so theese machines do us no good if they don't work.  It's only accessable voting if they do work.  With braille ballots that problem is gone and we can vote just like every one else.  It would be much cheeper to provide braille ballots than expensive machines that don't work. It's just the cost of the paper and the equipment to braille the ballots.  People make so much of a big deal about the high cost to produce braille when thats just not true at all.  They say that because they don't want to provide it.  That gos for companies that seel products for the blind and anything else.  It's just an excuse and a cop out.  I don't buy that and I never will.  The fact will never change that we need braille and we always will.

Brian Sackrider

On 3/6/2020 10:24 AM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
True enough. They have ballots in Spanish, but not Braille, and like my coworker said, back when I was still working, "you can't learn to see."

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What do you have against braille? The sighted have print and we should have braille. Braille will always be the most efficient way to look somthing up just try to find what you want on an audio cd. We should have all braille and no audio.

Brian Sackrider

On 3/5/2020 7:35 PM, Dave wrote:
Gosh, a couple of you had me Laughing Out Loud!

Complaining about having to pay Postage, and that Braille instructions
don[t come in the package?

Sheesh! Be Dam Thankful you get an Audio file! but, Braille?

Now that was Funny! I Needed a Good Laugh today.

Grumpy Dave

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