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This is where a little effort goes a long way. Especially if you're hammering the point about spelling and such.
Whatever happened to trying to improve or better oneself?
The below isn't just a case of the odd typo or misspelling, but more like a "why should I care or bother" attitude.
Yes, Braille has all sorts of benefits for building a solid foundation, but just because you don't know or have access to Braille doesn't mean you suddenly don't have to bother trying to learn how to spell or punctuate.
I mean seriously, dude. Try.

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If you get the writter magazine they will tell that if you want to be a good writter than you have to read alot. They are published writters who make their living from their writting. For the record I have never claimed that my writting skills are any better than any one elses I did say that are not as they should be. This is because I don't read like I did in school. I am only blind I am not deaf blind. I am sure that I am not the only blind person whos writting skills are not as they should be. It is all because we don't access to paper braille as we should to keep our writting skills as they should be. wWhen blind people don't read their reading will suffer as I said that mine does. When people say that we don't braille because we have audio and screen readers they are not telling the truth. If you never read how words are spelled then you will sound try to guess how they are spelled by sounding them out. As we all know not all words are spelled like they sound. This is a very big problem if you only listen. For example if you never read the word laugh in braille you might spell it laf because thats the way that it sounds. Why would have any reason to think that was wrong? You would think that that word must be spelled because thats they it sounds. You may say why don't you just use spell check. If you don't read then you would have no way of knowing that was the wrong way to spell the word. Another example is people say words not the way that should be said. All of my life I have always heard the word wash pronounced as worsh so I would write it that way because I had no reason to question it. Once I read the word then I knew that it was spelled wash and not worsh. The way that people talk is very confusing to blindpeople if you can't read for yourself. You may never know that not all words are spelled as they sound. If you did learn proper spelling back in school and you don't read you will forget how many words are spelled after many years of not reading. When I was in school my teachers did not tell me that my writting skills were very bad they could be better and thats we are in school to learn and get our skills as they should be. If you don't use them then you will loose them. I do think that when I was in school my reading and writting was better than it is now because I had to do it every day. Now I don't have to. I have no problem with somone telling that I spelled a word wrong and even sighted people spell words wrong so it's not a blindness thing. No one is going to rember how every word is spelled any one can be wrong.

Brian Sackrider

On 3/6/2020 4:45 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

I believe that Brian writes as well as he is able. Not sure what his
difficulties may be e.g. learning differences, DeafBlindness,
whatever. Criticizing someone who is doing their best to communicate
is not productive. Pointing out errors, yes, privately, but calling
someone out for commenting on mistakes made by others when he,
himself, has made mistakes may feel good, but is, in my view,
unproductive. That's what I was referring to, Gene.

Sorry, I keep forgetting to quote stuff. This mailer doesn't quote

Ann P.

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