Functioning with reading, etc.

Carolyn Arnold

I am responding to a message, which I will post below, but
may be veering off subject.

When I went to the School for the Blind in Texas, we had a
partially sighted teacher, who insisted that we had to
strive to do things better than most. That irritated me, and
I thought she was crazy, but I realize now her point is to
demonstrate to sighted people that we actually do have

Responding to:

Hello Ann,

I too am not a huge Fan of raking poor Brian over the Coals
in a Public List, but then again, Poor Brian did make some
statements while attempting to prove the Value of reading
Braille, that when looking at Brian's Emails. . . Well let's
just say they make a person wonder if Poor Brian, the
Braille Reader, knows his writing has as many,errors of one
kind or another as those who do not read Braille?

And Ann, all I ask from most people is to do the Best they
can, at what ever it is we are doing together. They do not
need to be Perfect, although Perfection and High Competence
is Greatly Appreciated.

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