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jan howells <gale7978@...>

Een I was in comfuter training, I asked my teacher to teach me the VersaBraille. I thought that was the greatest thing when I saw a braille display word processor. She told me that I could not learn it and that I was not as smart as the student that was presently learning it. That is no teacher. A teachg that discourages someone when they show an interest, is not a true teacher. They are lazn. That other person was very highly esteemed. But they walked off their job without notifying anyone, and got someone in the family way. `you still estemmed them. They trashed me because of health issues. They did not like me and they did not want to see me get ahead. They did not want to help me, because they felt that I would be an embarrassment to them and ruin their reputation by becoming ill and needing to be off the job or leave the job because of my health. I got so depressed about being degraded and bullied, and verbally abused, that after ssx months of that, I left the program for professional psychiatric help. The teacher was very mean. She jd tell me that my Seeing Eye dog was going to die. Even the other student yelled at her for that. Then when I left the program, my state counselor in Phily imitated her and did the same verbal abuse and degradation. I moved away from Phily, because I knew that they would not change my counselor, because the next one would have followed suit. What a relief it was to move away. I can feel for Brian. I know what that is like. So I got my very own VersaBraille through a state grant. I learned how to use it in one night after staying up all night and reading the 3 volume braille manual of instructions. I used it constantly. Then I went on to the Braille Lite. Then the BrailleNote. Then the U2 Mini. The Orbit Reader 20 is on the way. I am watching the masl for it. Eventually I will get the BrailleMe, also. That is how dumb that I am. Thank you for your kind time.

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