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I have been totally blind since birth and I was educated in the public school system all my life. I had pretty good teachers and I did pretty well.

At the age of eight, we moved from Palmdale California to Carson City Nevada where the school board did not want to admit me to public school because they didn’t think they had the resources to educate me. By that time, my mother knew the law and pretty much threatened to sue them into the Stone Age if they did not admit me and educate me as was her right and my right. They did, and everything turned out OK. At that time, my mother was a pioneer in helping the disabled to be educated in the public school system in this state because of me. I’m very proud of her and us By the way, this was during the mid 70s.



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Hi Loy,

I also had significant vision in one eye and was blind in the other eye. That significant vision allowed me to do many things if not most things that a sighted person of my own age 0-12 years did. I rapidly lost my vision just before my twelfth birthday and everything changed after that.

Apparently, you had decent vision for quite a bit longer than I did or many others posting on this topic. That makes all the difference in the world.

Good luck and glad for your success.

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I changed the subject line.I
have been legally blind in one eye and totally blind in the other due to a dynamite cap blast when I was 3. I never had seen another blind person until I was grown. When my mother took me to register in public school, 1951. they told her I could not attend, I would have to go to a blind school.My mother left there crying, but not sure what she did but I was admitted to the public school.At home I was expected to do just like my older brothers. I had great teachers in the grammar school. In high school I had great teachers as well. I wasn't given much extra attention except when the teacher put something on the board. They would give me a print copy. I could read normal size print when I would hold very close.I was given large print books but most were not the same as the other students, so I left them at home as references. They were too big for me to lug around at the high school. After high school I went to a vocational class at the Georgia Academy for the blind to study Horticulture. I went into a business of my own growing and selling plants. After 9 years I went to work with the Coca-cola company for 13 years until I lost all vision.After a couple of years I regained some vision after surgery. Then I took up computers and repaired and built computers . Now at 75 I have again lost all vision and having to learn computer totally with screen reader, after using ZT with screen reader. After reading many of the experiences talked about here I am thankful I did not have the bad experiences they had.

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I bet it sure was embarrassing! I'm glad they yelled at her. It's so terrible, some of the stuff families do. Pam.

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That's terrible. I don't tolerate people answering questions on my behave.
It's funny how family can be the worst offenders.

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I always told by family members that I am dumb, stupid, and incompetent. I
had no self esteem. My family still thinks that because I cannot see. I
was always degraded by my family. My aunt got hollered at by the Seeing
Eye. She cried and blamed me.
I did not tell her to degrade in front of them and answer questions during
my interview at the same time while I was answering my questions. That was
very awkward and embarrassing.


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