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Carolyn Arnold

That says it - any vision makes all the difference. To me, every little bit I ever had helped just that much more.

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Hi Loy,

I also had significant vision in one eye and was blind in the other eye. That significant vision allowed me to do many things if not most things that a sighted person of my own age 0-12 years did. I rapidly lost my vision just before my twelfth birthday and everything changed after that.

Apparently, you had decent vision for quite a bit longer than I did or many others posting on this topic. That makes all the difference in the world.

Good luck and glad for your success.

On 3/8/2020 7:06 PM, Loy wrote:
I changed the subject line.I
have been legally blind in one eye and totally blind in the other due
to a dynamite cap blast when I was 3. I never had seen another blind
person until I was grown. When my mother took me to register in public
school, 1951. they told her I could not attend, I would have to go to
a blind school.My mother left there crying, but not sure what she did
but I was admitted to the public school.At home I was expected to do
just like my older brothers. I had great teachers in the grammar
school. In high school I had great teachers as well. I wasn't given
much extra attention except when the teacher put something on the
board. They would give me a print copy. I could read normal size print
when I would hold very close.I was given large print books but most
were not the same as the other students, so I left them at home as
references. They were too big for me to lug around at the high school.
After high school I went to a vocational class at the Georgia Academy
for the blind to study Horticulture. I went into a business of my own
growing and selling plants. After 9 years I went to work with the
Coca-cola company for 13 years until I lost all vision.After a couple
of years I regained some vision after surgery. Then I took up
computers and repaired and built computers . Now at 75 I have again
lost all vision and having to learn computer totally with screen
reader, after using ZT with screen reader. After reading many of the
experiences talked about here I am thankful I did not have the bad
experiences they had.

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I bet it sure was embarrassing! I'm glad they yelled at her. It's
so terrible, some of the stuff families do. Pam.

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That's terrible. I don't tolerate people answering questions on my
It's funny how family can be the worst offenders.

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I always told by family members that I am dumb, stupid, and
incompetent. I had no self esteem. My family still thinks that
because I cannot see. I was always degraded by my family. My aunt
got hollered at by the Seeing Eye. She cried and blamed me.
I did not tell her to degrade in front of them and answer questions
during my interview at the same time while I was answering my
That was
very awkward and embarrassing.


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