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Yes, one day I fully hope the student I mentioned gets the same chance to
confront the person who told her she would just be wasting everyones time
and money if she went to university. I've been blind since birth. I'm lucky
because my parents were supportive and encouraging. They always believed
blindness wouldn't hold me back. I know not all kids are so lucky.

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Hi all,

With all the discussion today, I thought I would share the story of a friend
of mine. I won't share his name because that would not be wise.
However, I tell this story to emphasize the fact that everyone should be
encouraged to do his or her best!

This friend of mine is fully sighted. He was labeled as having severe
learning differences. When he was in Middle School, the head of the special
Ed dept. of his school told his parents that "I'm so sorry, but we just
don't think your son will amount to much because of his learning

Needless to say, his parents took him out of that particular school and
enrolled him elsewhere. They also employed me to tutor him. I worked
with him for a couple of years.

My student and friend graduated from high school, Community College with
honors, Rochester Institute of Technology with honors. He is currently
working in a managerial position in a company here in Rochester, earning six
figures! He is happily married and his wife is expecting! They own a

I would just love to stand in front of that Special Education twit of an
administrator and just say, "Fake out, you bastard!!" That would give me
extreme pleasure!! My friend is soccessful, in whatever way you measure

So if somebody tells you that you won't amount to much, thank them and then
prove them wrong!!

Ann P.

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