locked Re: Blindschools shelter their students and don't prepear them for the sighted world

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>

Don't feel bad mitch and everybody. I went to a mainstream public school with other sighted people and they did not teach me budgeting or how to pay bills there either.rather than teaching life skills, they would rather teach you algebra for 2 or 3 years and chemistry and physics even though most of us will not be advanced scientists or engineers. The whole education system needs to be redone I think. Why not teach practical life skills in middle and high school, high school especially. Why not teach people how to raise families and have marriages and stable successful families that build up society? The basics of martial arts for self-defense. How to responsibly manage money, take out loans, how banks work, how to pay bills and budget money, and more... And for critical thinking and logic classes? Rather than having everybody take algebra, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, stuff most people will not need. Replace those high school classes with philosophy and or philosophy appreciation classes. In other words have high school students read various greek and roman philosophers, everything from tomas aquinas to plato and others. And since most or about half of people drop out of college, rather than schools pushing college, why not encourage trade schools and identify student's strengths early? For example rather than sending me to college, my teachers should have identified that I am good at both braille and Spanish and other languages. So rather than pushing college, if I would have been those teachers I would have encouraged me to go to a vocational school, get a tech support certification and then a braille transcriber literary braille certification. Schools should set people up for success I think and teach life skills and other practical things as much as possible I think. 


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