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<Slight laugh>  I know this might be hard to believe, but I've taken a
number of Classes at the School of Hard Knocks.

It's a fantastic school, and speaking for myself, I tend to exit those
many classes, learning exactly what I should have learned years before.

My Mother attempted to teach me to budget what little money I had, but I
just didn't listen.

I get my first Pay Check, which was for an entire Month.  I never had
that much money all at one time, and I couldn't wait to spend it.  Went
right out and bought two brand New Guitars, leaving me about $150 for
the rest of the month.

Needless to say, that month was a Month I still remember to this day. 
The next month, I didn't run out and buy a bunch of stuff. I put that
next paycheck in the Bank and spent it according to what I needed to
spend it on.  Housing, Food, Gas, and Utilities.   Then what was left
over, I could spend on myself.

As for having others ask who "Dresses you in the Morning-

Yes, I too have had this question, and I just tell them, I dress
myself.  Which then causes them to ask other questions, like, do I cook
for myself?  Who does my Shopping?

People are curious, and sometimes the bold ones will ask their questions.

At least they ask and I can inform them with the correct answers.

Do these questions bother me?  Frankly Yes they do, but at the same
time, these people have no idea what it is like to be blind. They just
think about what they would do if they were suddenly needing to live
without sight.

I had a Seeing Eye Dog for about 4 years, and people actually treated me
better when I had the Dog, but it would Piss me off when they gave the
Dog credit for everything I did!

Can't tell you how often I would have someone come up and tell me they
had watched a Show about Seeing Eye Dogs on the TV, and how wonderful
those Dogs are etc.

And <Slight laugh>  of course, now that I am married, my Wife gets the
Credit for every Breath I inhale, what clothes I wear, and even if my
Hair is combed.

I have an answer for this next question, but I am not going to share it

Why is it that the General Public has such a Poor understanding about
the capabilities of someone blind?

Grumpy Dave

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