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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Admiral Monte wrote:

"Holy moly,
The builders of win eyes must have done a great job as people are still
using it..."

The demise of Window-Eyes is the reason why I want to THROW WINDOWS and its
associated screen readers under the bus! It is the screen reader that has
phenomenal. When my wee, small company was a Moneygram, Inc. agent serving
customers with their WIRED MONEY TRANSFER needs, Mr. Marc Solomon remoted
into our computers at work, made some changes that enabled us to use the
Moneygram, Inc. software with some ease. Then, GW Micro MADE CONTACTS with
Moneygram to discuss what could be done to make the Moneygram, Inc. app more
accessible. What was needed was a minor tweak, but Moneygram would not
budge. GW Micro was unable to pursue anything further 'cause it was already
GOING DOWN THE GRIND anyway. But, I certainly won't ever forget those
folks, they truly mastered their art and did BURN THEIR HEARTS OUT to make
Window-Eyes what it still is to date.

I was investigating the possibilities of making my company a MAIL DROP-OFF
CENTER for DHL, FEDEX, UPS and USPS. GW Micro PUT ME IN TOUCH with a blind
lady in Indiana they had worked who was doing that which I was thinking of.

I wish GW Micro HAD NOT DIED, but I suppose good things come and go away
leaving behind tracks that are so hard to fill!

Whereas I can't confirm it, I have heard that Doug Geoffray, one of the
founders of GW Micro, currently works for Microsoft and is the MAIN BRAIN
behind the latest improvements to Narrator. If this is true, Doug, I have
your name and that of your company ETCHED IN STONE forever; I'll keep using
Window-Eyes until I can finally KICK WINDOWS down the drain and be well at
home with My Shiny Android toys!

Denver, Colorado

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