locked Re: Blindschools shelter their students and don't prepear them for the sighted world

jan howells <gale7978@...>

My parents had no patience. My father would yell. I would not let them near my homework. I would go to my room and do it. My mother would ask me if I wanted my father to check my homework, and I just said, no thank you. I was afraid of my parents. I was always hit in the face or about the head. My father used to throw me when I was little. He said that handicapped people were a burden to society, and they had to be put up with. He said that they should not be allowed on planes, because if there is an emergency, the stewardesses had to help them first, and that was not fair in his mind. He said that we look like criples when owe use the cane. When I would be picked up at the bus station, coming home to visit, the first thing that they would do when I got off the bus was to take my cane away from me and hide it. I would not see it for the whole visit until I left. They were very embarrassed and ashamed of me. My mother said that she wished that my father would have been steril and she would not have any kids. She said that she wished that I would get like Karen Carpenter who died. When a friend tried to stick up for me, she said that they did not have to look at me. My father called my friend a pain in the ass who did not mind her own business, when she stopped my mother from calling me dumb and stupid. When I graduated from high school, it was decided for me to go to Albany, NY for Office Training and Medical Transcription. My father told me that I was so dumb that I had to go all the way to Albany. I was shocked when he bought me an Optacon through a grant in Philadelphia. I had mixed emotions. My family is very material. They will give you the shirt off their back and then the world if they could, but they are not there emotionally. It is still that way. I have tried to tell my brother that, but he cannot comprehend what I am saying.

Jan Howells

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